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Campfire Trout Recipe

Campfire Cooking Ideas for the Camp Chef - fish recipe for camp, a simple campfire cooking method for your fresh catch-of-the-day.

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Fish Recipe

My wife is the only person I know who can actually catch an old brook trout with a safety pin attached to a string! (Though I have seen her use earthworm as bait...) Then comes the cooking of the catch. That's my job!

All you need are some rocks, a fire, a small but strong stick and of course the fish. The best is hot embers for a fire. No flames because they will burn your fish.

Gut and remove all viscera (leave the head on). If you are lucky enough to have roe, leave it within the fish cavity. See Do You Know How To Clean A Fish?

Place the stick through the cavity you made when you gutted the fish and into the head. It will let the fish hang down. Position the fish so heat will be even on it's side, using rocks to hold the stick erect and steady.

Keep a good eye on your fish during the cooking process. Heat can set your fish on fire. Reposition the trout as needed so the other side can cook. This should be done several times during the cooking process.

Quite often the tail catches fire; that is no big deal, just keep the flames to a minimum. It helps to have water handy to sprinkle on the fire if too many flames pop up.

Look inside for color changes to indicate cooking. Your trout has a red and translucent gray-whitish color when raw which will change to a solid white and gray brown when cooked, The best area of the fish to check for doneness is within the body cavity around the thick part of the fish back bone. Also, the eye will change color from a translucent to a solid white.

When done peel back the skin and just remove filets lengthwise.

That it!!! enjoy..yummy.. yum.

Campfire Trout Recipe
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