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Grilled Vegetables

Campfire Cooking Ideas for the Camp Chef - Need a couple of ideas for preparing campfire vegetables? Try these recipes for veggies ranging from sweet potatoes to tomatoes.

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Campfire Roots

Carrots, turnips, Jerusalem artichoke or parsnip can be cooked on the grill for a unique flavor. Other vegetables may also be cooked this way -- from sweet potatoes to tomatoes. Use your judgment when they are cooked since it can be tricky to remove them from the cooking area.

The fire has to be old so you just have amber. Remove the root skin prior to cooking and place on a grill over the heat. Occasionally roll or turn over for even cooking. After twenty to twenty-five minutes, poke with a pointed knife. If the blade goes in easy your root is cooked. Just remove the grill from the fire and roll the root into a plate. Enjoy.

P.S. You might need to lower the grill or place amber under it during cooking.

A festive way to cook your roots is with a skewer. Prepare the root for cooking and slice it up in even measure. Take the skewer and spear each piece. Cook by placing on grill, rotating for even cooking.

Grilled Vegetables - Campfire Roots
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